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Our products Invoice Finance Reverse - Factoring (International) Factoring
Our products Terms
Invoice Finance Selling on credit terms
Reverse - Factoring Selling on credit terms
(International) Factoring Buying on credit terms
Our products How can FACTS help?
Invoice Finance Procurement Difficulties because of Cash Constraints
Reverse - Factoring Procurement Difficulties because of Cash Constraints
(International) Factoring Help your Suppliers Receiving Cash Early
Our products Who are you?
Invoice Finance SME
Reverse - Factoring SME
(International) Factoring Buyer
Our products Client Base
Invoice Finance Africa
Reverse - Factoring World
(International) Factoring World
Our products Size
Invoice Finance Size Medium
Reverse - Factoring Size Large
(International) Factoring Size Large
Our products Finance of
Invoice Finance Pool of approved invoices from multiple Off-Takers
Reverse - Factoring Single Invoice from one or limited number of large (international) Off-Takers
(International) Factoring Single invoices from one large Off-Taker
Our products Invoice terms
Invoice Finance trade-3 Approved invoices
Reverse - Factoring trade-4 Approved (international) invoices
(International) Factoring trade-2 Approved single invoice
We operate on a sustainable commercial footing and are convinced that economic IMPACT is best achieved through developing a vibrant and resilient SME sector.
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