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We are a financing company providing short-term working capital to SMEs based on their outstanding invoices.

We are headquartered in Netherlands, with offices in Kenya and Uganda.

We have a strong focus on the agriculture sector, and are also active in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors. However, we are open to look at other sectors.

The invoices are the collateral. No other hard collateral is asked from our clients

The business should have at least traded one year with audited financials in place, should have sound administrative processes and with a minimum turnover of USD 100,000 in an year. Furthermore, you and your buyers need to assign your invoices to FACTS

FACTS can definitely help out here. We often see that a lot of cash is trapped in outstanding invoices. We can advance these invoices to you so you can pay your supppiers earlier.

Yes we definitely can. If your cash is trapped in outstanding invoices, the only thing we require is to have these assigned to us. After that we can provide you funding based on the value of the outstanding invoices.

The credit limit offered against your buyers is dependent on the sales volumes between you and them. If these trading volumes are not reflected in the invoices assigned to us, then your credit limit would have to be lowered.

This is to diversify the risk incase one of your debtors fails to pay.

Our interest charges range from 1.5%-2.5% per month, with a processing fee of 1.5% applicable on each drawdown. Our fees are favourable and they depend on your risk profile

This all depends on your company turnovers, with the limit ranging from USD 25,000 to USD 250,000.

We have an automated onboarding process where final decisions are taking place by our credit committee. We can be very fast depending on delivery of the required information of you and your buyers.

You may apply on our website or contact us via email or phone provided in the website.

No, we are not an NGO and we do not offer grants or seed capital.

No, we do not offer LPO financing. We only offer invoice finance solutions.

We finance upto a credit term of 90 days, ruling out the government or parastatals who in most instances take longer to settle invocies riased to them.

No, we do not do CAPEX financing, which rules out any form of equipment financing. We only offer short term working capital based on your outstanding invoices.

No, we only finance companies incorporated in their respective countries where we are presently.

Yes, as long as the business is meeting the eligibility criteria.

We require at least one year of audited financials and that you are trading with your buyers on credit terms. We tend to see that more mature start-ups do meet these criteria.

We operate on a sustainable commercial footing and are convinced that economic IMPACT is best achieved through developing a vibrant and resilient SME sector.
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