About Us

Who is FACTS

FACTS is a Finance Company that provides its clients with working capital. We address the Access to Finance challenges faced by so many growing businesses.  We passionately believe in SMEs as the bread and butter of African economies – and think new financing models are direly needed.

What we do

We specialize in Supply Chain Finance.  Our solutions bridge the 30-60-90 day liquidity gap that every SME entrepreneur experiences daily.  Suppliers [often] need to be paid cash – but when it comes to Sales, late payment by off-takers causes significant stress on operations. Providing liquidity throughout value chains allows SMEs to accelerate business growth by a factor 2-3x.  Technology plays a large role in our business model.

Our clients

We work with SMEs in different value chains – but we have a special focus on Agriculture.  In the Food & Agriculture sector, our clients are processors, millers or traders.  They add value to the produce bought from farmers or aggregators, and sell to off-takers in East Africa, or export their products to overseas markets.

Where we work

FACTS is active in Kenya and Uganda, and is looking to start operations in Tanzania.